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Below the Fabled 'Holy Waters'.Read about the fishing the "holy waters" of the AuSable. Join today and get your own copy of theFlyfisher. Cheeky Mouse. Have you ever wanted to tie a mouse, but did not want to spin deer hair? Deer hair may float like a cork, but it does not resemble the hair of a mouse. 
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Breaking News. EPA is beginning a process under the Clean Water Act to protect Bristol Bay. Read the IFFF's response. The Loop is now open to all IFFF members.The Casting Board of Governors has approved access for all IFFF members.Login and Click Here!
Know the IFFF's Code of Angling Ethics!

1. Fly anglers understand and obey laws and regulations associated with the fishery.
2. Fly anglers believe fly fishing is a privilege and a responsibility.
3. Fly anglers conserve fisheries by limiting their catch.
4. Fly anglers do not judge fellow anglers and treat them as they would expect to be treated.
5. Fly anglers respect the waters occupied by other anglers so that fish are not disturbed.
6. When fishing from a watercraft, fly anglers do not crowd other anglers or craft or unnecessarily disturb the water.
7. Fly anglers respect other angling methods and promote this Code of Angling Ethics to all anglers.

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International Federation of Fly Fishers' Long History
Since 1964, the International Federation of Fly Fishers has been an organized voice for fly fishers. We represent all aspects of fly fishing from the art of casting instruction and fly tying, to the protection of our fisheries.The International Federation of Fly Fishers and its Councils are the only organized advocate for fly fishers on an national and regional level.

It occurs to me that a loose federation of fly fishing groups could be of considerable value." - Lee Wulff, May 27, 1964

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