Sunday, February 14, 2016

Steps to Becoming a Certified Casting Instructor

Important Notice:  Starting March 1, 2016 examination fee will increase to $175 for the CI test. 

Also, starting April 1, 2015 the new Casting Instructor Performance Test will be implemented.  See below resources for the new CI performance test evaluation form.

In general, you must :
  • be an IFFF member
  • attend a Certification workshop & pass both a written and a performance test that demonstrate your teaching/instructing and flycasting abilities. (workshop mentioned is given prior to the written test)


Check the certification calendar to find out about the next certification opportunity in your area Go To Calendar.  Because of high demand for the certification and the need for personalized testing, you must pre-register through the IFFF National Office at (406) 222-9369 ext 110 to pay test fee. Questions?

  1. Pay a $100.00 fee to take the test and an additional $50.00 if you pass, payable to the IFFF. VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX and personal checks are the preferred methods of payment.  The annual renewal fee to remain certified is $45.00. These fees cover the expense of running the program.
  2. Participate in the 3-4 hour certification process, which includes successfully completing:
  • A fly casting/teaching workshop that constitutes the initial phase of the test
  • A comprehensive written test on various aspects of casting and teaching, with true/false and multiple choice questions
  • A Casting Performance Test (equipment list described below)

 Casting Instructor Performance Test Equipment Needed

(you must provide own)
  • Rod: 9' maximum
  • Line: #7 floating maximum
  • Leader: 7 1/2' minimum with yarn fly
More details on equipment

ROD: Any fly rod that is 9 ft. long or shorter, that is designed for a 7 weight line or lighter. We go by what the rod manufacturer prints on the blank.

LINE: Any 7 weight floating line may be used. Any taper may be used, but all tasks must be done with the same line. Using a taper to make the distance cast turns into a problem when some of the other tasks are cast. Most candidates use a typical 7 weight WF line.

COLOR OF LINE: You can use any color, but examiners prefer bright colored lines. If they can not see your line you may have to repeat tasks until he/she has seen it well enough to make a proper judgment.


Students wishing to become a Certified Casting Instructor can use the following resources to prepare for the test.

Additional Notes 

In all cases, the candidate must demonstrate the good, relaxed form that would be expected in a certified instructor, and which would instill confidence in students. The tasks should be accomplished quickly and easily. This is not a matter of taking many trials in order to accomplish the task once.


Please direct your questions to the our Casting Coordinator.


Telephone:  406-222-9369



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