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Important Notice:  Starting March 1, 2016 examination fee will increase to $250 for the THCI test. 

Objectives of the Two-Handed Casting Instructor (THCI) Program

  • To evaluate and certify qualified Two-Handed Casting Instructors.
  • Provide direction and support for THCI candidates who seek to certify as THCI.

Duties and Practices of the THCI Committee

  • Establish standards for instructors.
  • Establish and maintain a common glossary of terms.
  • Conduct clinics and workshops at appropriate venues.
  • Provide and maintain a study guide of instruction.
  • Administer the testing of candidates and maintain the scope of the test.
  • Provide information network for casting instructors.

Why is this Good for the Sport of Fly Fishing?

The IFFF casting instruction programs set a recognized level of instruction that will better aid in the instruction of all levels of casters, from beginners to advanced.

The program encourages the exchange of teaching methods, fault analyzing and corrections, and casting concepts among instructors. 

This program promotes a common language of terms and a standard approach to casting mechanics amongst instructors to provide consistency and clarity of instruction.

Why Become a Two-Handed Casting Instructor?

  • Become a more effective and knowledgeable instructor through the process of preparing for the test.
  • Have your casting and instruction skills recognized by completing the test.
  • Become a part of the network of casting instructors and glean from the associated casting instruction programs.
  • Have your name and contact with links to your e-mail on the IFFF website's list of recommended certified casting instructors that is available worldwide.
  • Receive the IFFF's quarterly newsletter of teaching tips and a certificate of completion to recognized your achievement.

Administration of the Program

The THCI Committee, formed by the Casting Board of Governors, maintains, monitors, and administers the THCI program.

  • A Casting Board of Governor (CBOG) who has completed the THCI test, has given an initial test with THCI examiner is approved to be an examiner and may administer the THCI test.
  • All THCI Examiners are THCI certified.
  • An impartial observer will witness all testing of THCI candidates.
  • When possible and practical, the observer will be a THCI certified instructor.
  • All non-THCI certified observers are not eligible to receive a test for 3 month following the test they assisted.

What are the Fees?

 The fees for THCI Certification are:

  • For candidates who have not achieved IFFF Certified Casting Instructor status: A registration fee of $100.00 to reserve a CI certification workshop and CI or THCI written test. Both the workshop and written test are required prerequisites for THCI Certification. This fee will permit the THCI candidate to complete the remaining performance portion of the CI certification process if he/she wishes at no additional cost.
  • A registration fee of $175.00 to take the THCI certification test, with an additional $50.00 fee due at the successful completion of the test. If the test is not passed, there is a 1-year grace period where the candidate can retest without forfeiting the registration fee.
  • An annual renewal fee of $45.00, which covers the costs of administering the program
  • The certified CI,MCI, and THCI will pay only one annual renewal fee of $45.00 regardless of the number of casting certifications held.
  • Additional fees may be charged by the Examiner(s).

How do you Become Certified and What are the Requirements?

  • Be an IFFF member.
  • A candidate who is a current IFFF certified casting instructor (CI or MCI), or is an instructor of an association recognized by the IFFF Certified Casting Instructor Program, is eligible to take the exam after registering for it with IFFF headquarters. Instructors of a recognized association, please see the Certification Challenge Program for more information.
  • Candidates who are not IFFF certified casting instructors, or an instructor of an association recognized by the IFFF Casting Instructor Certification Program (CICP) are required to register with IFFF Headquarters for a Certified Casting Instructor workshop. These candidates must attend a casting/teaching (CI) workshop and pass a CI written test prior to taking the THCI test. This is to verify that the candidate has a base knowledge of casting and teaching fundamentals relative to the IFFF Casting Instructor Certification Program.
  • THCI candidates must pass both an oral and performance test that demonstrates their two-hand teaching and casting abilities, as well as the ability to analyze faults and give clear corrections. If the candidate fails the THCI test, he/she may retest within one year at no additional cost. The candidate's retest will be a complete review of the entire THCI test.

The First Steps to Receive a Test

  • Please look at our Calendar or contact the IFFF Headquarters in Livingston, Montana to determine the next certification opportunity in your area. Due to the test location requiring a site with suitable water, the time length of the test, and the limited number of examiners the testing locations and opportunities will be limited. An effort will be made to offer the test at the annual IFFF Fly Fishing Fair.
  • Registration is the first step to arrange a test. This will position you on a candidate waiting list, placing you in order for testing and informs the casting program of your request and location. The waiting list will also assist in filling test cancellations and to organize a group of candidates for testing.

THCI Preparation

Please click here for more information.

 Important Notice:  Starting February 1, 2014 free retesting will no longer be available.  If a test is taken after this date and failed, the candidate will have to pay the full test fee to retake it.


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