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           Welcome to the CICP Calendar!

We will provide a list of events that are on the calendar in this introduction.  To access information about an event, please find it on the calendar then click the title.  All the information you need will be available on that page.  If you need assistance please call us at 406-222-9369.

 Important Notice:  Starting February 1, 2014 free retesting will no longer be available.  If a test is taken after this date and failed, the candidate will have to pay the full test fee to retake it.

Casting Instructor Workshops & Testing Events

    September 19-20, 2014  8 CI / 4 MCI / 8 THCI  Test#0114INTL Bellingham - Hexham, England EVENT CLOSED
   October 3-4, 2014   4 CI  / 2 MCI  Test #1415 Mt. Home, AR  1 CI OPEN  | 1 MCI OPEN
   October 4-6, 2014   7 CI / 1 MCI / 1 THCI  Test #0614INTL  Pskov City, Russia 
   October 9-10, 2014    8 CI / 4 MCI / 2 THCI  Test #1414 Crystal River, FL 7 CI OPEN | 2 MCI OPEN | THCI CLOSED
   October 20-24, 2014    3 CI / 1 MCI / 3 THCI #0514 INTL Seoul, Korea   EVENT CLOSED 
   November 7 - 8, 2014  2 MCI 6 CI  #0714  INTL  Albert Town, New Zealand
   November 13-16, 2014    12 CI  (15th-16th) / 4 MCI (14th) / 2 THCI  (13th) Test #0414 Wentworth Falls, Australia  EVENT CLOSED
   January 15-18, 2015  6 CI / 2 MCI  Test #1501 ISE Denver, CO  6 CI OPEN / 2 MCI OPEN
   May 15-17, 2015  6CI/ 4MCI/ 3THCI  Gargazon, Italy  
   June 4-7, 2015  12CI/ 8MCI/ 4THCI  Pilichowice, Poland

EDP Trainings

   September 2014  CE Workshop for CE Examiners - Bellingham, England 
       Contact Brian McGlashan for more information
    November 2014  CE Workshop for CE Examiners - Blue Mountains,  Australia
       Contact Peter Morse for more information

Casting Continuing Education Events

The fees for the Continuing Education events are not collected by the FFF office, but by the instructors holding these events listed below.  Please arrange directly with the event organizer.  If you would like an event added to this page please submit the information to David Diaz.

   September 21, 2014  Continuing Education Workshop time TBD - Bellingham-Hexham, England
       Contact Brian McGlashan for more information and to sign up for the workshop
Continued Education Workshops Denver, CO
Start Date/Time: Saturday, January 5, 2013 8:30 AM
End Date/Time: Saturday, January 5, 2013 12:00 PM
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
January 5, 2013 - Saturday - Denver, CO (at the Fly Fishing Show - Denver Merchandise Mart)
Continuing Education workshop for Certified Master Instructors - 8:30 am to 12:00 pm - cost $70.00
Continuing Education workshop for Certified Instructors - 8:30 am to 12:00 pm - cost 35.00
CI workshop covering the basics of the CI exam and directed to those without certifications wishing to take the exam. Covered will be each element on the performance of the CI test. Tasks will be demonstrated for you showing you critical elements of each task. Explain and demonstrate portions of the test will be discussed explaining necessary elements that should be incorporated into good answers.
MCI workshop will be a new format. MCI candidiates (current CI's) will join in the morning session. As part of the need for FFF mentoring and continuing education it is critical that future MCI's understand the importamce of working with, educating, and testing future CI's. We will ask current current CI's to take part in the morning session and to partner with future CI's to help them in the journey to become a CI. The afternoon session will include information on the written exam as well as a demonstration of the MCI performance test.
Contact to register: JEFF WAGNER
Owned by Barbara Wuebber On Monday, November 26, 2012


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