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Casting Instructor Certification Program (CICP)


History and Overview


The IFFF Casting Instructor Certification Program (CICP) was developed in 1992 to enhance the overall level of instruction in fly casting by increasing instructor knowledge, casting proficiency, and teaching ability. A secondary goal was to create a common understanding of casting terminology and casting mechanics that would serve the fly casting community, internationally and in North America.


Objectives of the Program


The CICP Program's main objectives are to educate and enhance the growth of fly casting instructors by:

  • Establishing high and consistent standards for casting instructors.
  • Administering a test that fairly and consistently assesses the candidate's knowledge of casting, teaching ability, and casting proficiency.
  • Conducting teaching workshops as a required part of certification.
  • Conducting clinics on how to teach fly casting at IFFF shows, fairs, and consumer fishing demonstrations.
  • Developing and maintaining an instruction reference for certified instructors.
  • Establishing and maintaining communication networks for certified instructors.
  • Facilitating the exchange of ideas between instructors worldwide.

Who Runs the Program?


The Board of Governors, or CBOG as it is referred to in the Bylaws, has developed and administers the Casting Instructor Certification Program of the International Federation of Fly Fishers.

Some of the most respected names in the world of fly fishing have been members of the Casting Board of Governors including Mel Krieger, who founded the CICP, Gary Borger, Lefty Kreh, Joan Wulff, Jim Green, Al Kyte, Bruce Richards, Steve Rajeff, and Al Buhr.  Our international expansion has brought further well-known names into the program.  For a current list of CBOG members and committees, please click the appropriate link below.

                                 Casting Board of Governors                                  Casting Program Committees 


Three Programs Available


While the CBOG administers the Casting Instructor Certification Program, the success of the program is dependent on involvement of Master Casting Instructors (MCI) working at the local level. Master Instructors play a key role in the CICP as they instruct students, teach, and mentor candidates toward Casting Instructor (CI) certification. Masters also teach and mentor CI instructors to become Master Casting Instructors.

The IFFF Casting Instructor Certification Program recognizes all casting and fishing associations throughout the world in their endeavors to improve the level of casting instruction, as well as their efforts to preserve our natural resources. The IFFF CICP seeks judgment only within its own programs and continually monitors its status, seeking improvement through education.


Why is this good for our Sport?


Training and certifying fly casting instructors will provide beginners with a smoother entry into fly fishing due to the increased skill level of IFFF-certified fly casting instructors.  Fly fishers have ready access to instructors trained to help them advance to the next level. The Certification Program fosters exchanges of teaching and casting ideas among instructors across the world.




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