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CICP Committees


Casting Instructor Test

Purpose/ goals: review the test, clarify expectations and testing procedures
Current year tasks/activities: review the current CCI test  and clarify expectations for each task
Prior year activities: developed a CCI testing protocol, which was approved at the 2009 CBOG meeting. The document can be found here.
Accomplishments: see above
Chairman: Dave Barron
Contact information:

Executive Committee

Purpose/ goals: Act as advisor to chair of BOG and be empowered to act  on behalf of the BOG between meetings, decisions subject to approval  by the BOG.

Current year tasks/activities: This years activities consisted of  advice, and a small number of reinstatement issues.
Prior year activities: Same as above.
Accomplishments: This is an administrative committee without specific goals.
Chairman: David Diaz

Contact information:


Masters Test

Purpose/ goals: Improve the Masters test

Current year tasks/activities:  Clarify Performance Test task descriptions and expectations. 

Prior year activities:  reviewed and clarified Performance Test task descriptions and expectations.  Recommended revisions to Masters Performance Test.  

Current year tasks/activities: 2009-10,Glossary of terms and definitions

Prior year activities: 2008-9, Glossary of terms and definitions, revise test into a ‘check-box’ format.

Accomplishments:  The committee addressed changes desired as a result of the 2009 meeting in Loveland and the masters test review led by Joe Libeu.  We plan to complete our draft revisions prior to the meeting in West Yellowstone and present for consideration by members of the board. 

Chairman:  Pete Greenan

Contact information:

Professional Development (PDC)

Purpose/ goals: To provide a group testing program for fly fishing shops, outfitters, guides and instructors.  The PDC has developed and applied a professional approach and protocol to the process of group certifications for fly-fishing professionals.

Current year tasks/activities: Designed group testing events for: Leland Sonoma Flyfishing Ranch in CA, Silver Creek Outfitters in ID, Indian Creek Lodge on the Trinity River in CA (pending).

Prior year activities: In April of 2010 the Leland group included six CI candidates and one Master, all candidates passed.  From 2007-2009, four group events were held (over 60 CI exams) at Silver Creek Outfitters. To date they have close to 30 CI’s and one MCI. 

Accomplishments: Fly fishing professionals are becoming more aware of the FFF and the Casting Instructor Certification Program.

Chairman: Molly Semenik

Contact information:


Strategic Planning (BOG)

Purpose/ goals:  To develop short-term and longer-range planning for the BOG that are consistent with our history and traditions and look to our future needs and growth.  

Current year tasks/activities:

  1. Summarize past BOG history and activities as captured in the archived BOG minutes, our ByLaws, and changes over time to the Bylaws.  
  2. Develop a summary and flow chart of all BOG Committees, their responsibilities, and their members.  
  3. Develop a proposal to increase BOG efficiencies for administering the CICP  providing educational opportunities to our members (and potential members), and providing an accessible and qualified pool of examiners for CICP testing needs.   

Prior year activities:  New committee in 2009

Accomplishments:  All tasks currently are in progress

Chairman:  Rick Williams and Al Buhr

Contact information:



Purpose/ goals: Two-hand certification program
Current year tasks/activities: 2009-10,Glossary of terms and definitions
Prior year activities: 2008-9, Glossary of terms and definitions, revise test into a ‘check-box’ format.
Accomplishments: Committee oversees THCI program
Chairman: Bob Middo
Contact information:




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