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FFF Casting Instructor Certification Program

Workshop Listing


Workshop author Download Description and purpose Handout Information
Macauley Lord, CBOG-E 

Download this workshop

1.5 hour workshop designed for use just before testing Instructor's Toolbox for correcting casting errors and solving problems
Macauley Lord, CBOG-E 

Download this workshop

1 day workshop with emphasis on teaching skills Instructor's toolbox for correcting casting errors and solving problems

Macauley Lord, CBOG-E

Download this workshop Instructor's toolbox for correcting casting errors and solving problems Instructor's toolbox
Denise Maxwell

Download this workshop

A pre-test workshop No handouts

Dan McCrimmon

Download this workshop

A 75 minute workshop designed to be given just before the written and practical tests.  With handouts. There are 7 handouts
Bruce Richards, CBOG

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Some guidelines for making a successful workshop No handouts
Dusty Sprague, CBOG

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A workshop for a pre-test situation There are a variety of handouts included
David Diaz, CBOG Download this workshop Roadmap for Certain Success * Powerpoint presentation
Dennis Grant, CBOG-E Download this workshop Certified Casting Instructor Seminar * Powerpoint presentation

*   To view the Powerpoint presentations, you will need a Powerpoint reader -  download here. The two Powerpoint presentations are also available as PDF documents.

Roadmap for Certain Success as PDF - download here.    

Certified Casting Instructor Seminar as PDF - download here.


Please direct your inquiries to the FFF Casting Coordinator.


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