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The candidate must demonstrate the high standard of performance expected of a Certified Casting Instructor, which would create confidence in students and other instructors.  The candidate must attempt all tasks.  In order to pass a candidate must pass all of the explain and demonstrate tasks (18-24) and fail no more than two of the first 17 tasks.

Candidates should accomplish most tasks quickly and easily on the first attempt, accompanied by good demonstrations and, when requested, clear, concise explanations.  Demonstrations must match explanations.  Candidates may be requested to explain and demonstrate how they would teach any of the casts included in this performance test.  Examiners have the right to ask candidates to expand or give greater detail on any task in order to confirm knowledge or skills.

Loops are expected to have reasonably parallel legs and be approximately 3 to 4 feet in width unless otherwise requested within a task. Tailing loops are not acceptable at any time except when requested within a task. 

It is recommended that the roll casting tasks take place on water.  Candidates are expected to perform all roll casts with a technique suitable for casting on water, regardless of the actual testing surface.  When testing is not on water, examiners will make allowances for such things as a leader not straightening or not reaching the required distance.  If water is unavailable a tool may be used to simulate water tension.

All tasks must be performed with the same rod and line. In the event of equipment failure, replacement equipment must meet the test requirements. When there is a wind, the casting direction will be at the discretion of the candidate. Lengths of line to be cast when specified are measured from the caster to the fly. Marking the fly line to indicate specific distances required in the accuracy tasks is prohibited. Hitting a target while executing a task is required only when specifically requested in the task.


Students wishing to become a Certified Casting Instructor can use the following resources to prepare for the test.


Please direct inquiries to the FFF Casting Coordinator.


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