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The Stars came out on October 23 & 24, 2015 

Jon Cave
Chico Fernandez
Andy Mill
David Lambroughton
Capt. Rich Keating
Bou Bosso
Capt. Honson Lau
Capt. Rob Fordyce
Jamie Allen
Cordell Baum
"The Bonefish Whisperer"
Pete Greenan
Pat Ford

Capt. Joe Gonzalez

Alex Lovett-Woodsum
Capt. Bob Branham
Capt. Mark Benson
Capt.Dave Denkert
Dr. Aaron Adams, Ph.D
Nick Curcione
and MORE..........

Florida Fly Fishing Expo 6

Speakers - Vendors

President's Corner

By Tom Gadacz

The President's Letter
November 3, 2015

Ron Whiteley

Newsletter By Ron Whiteley
IFFF- FLORIDA Newsletter 10-2015 PDF

September 2014
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Florida Council Board

: Tom Gadacz
1st Vice President:
Tom Logan
Treasurer: Gerald Bell
 Ken Hofmeister

Directors at Large
 Ron Whiteley
M.E. DePalma

Andy Mill
Chico Fernandez
Flip Pallot

Directors 2014-2016

Len Anderson

Frank Catino
Walt Durkin
Oscar Feiliu
Jim Harter
Reid Martin
Dick Meikka
Craig Smothers
Ruth Stokes
Bob Wilkinson
Ron Winn

Directors 2015-2017

Mark Benson
Kirk Burton
Pat Damico
Dave Lambert
Dennis O'Brien
Dave Olson
Ed Tamson
Roger Williams


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2015 Fly Fishing and Rod Building Fair at Renzetti’s Fri., Dec 4th and Sat., Dec 5th

An unique event that gathers the Fly Fishing, Rod Building and boat experts and enthusiasts for a day to showcase all the beauty that Fly Fishing, Rod Building and boating has to offer. Proceeds to benefit Casting for Recovery Florida and Project Healing Waters.

For for more information on the event Download this PDF

IFFF Florida Council Expo 6 - was held at the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) museum in Dania Beach (Fort Lauderdale), Florida October 23-24, 2015

Photos from EXPO 2015 are available on our Facebook page -
You do not have to be a member of Facebook to view them - just follow this link

Click Here to Access the Fall 2015 Edition of The Loop
* Casting Masters Then and Now: Mel Krieger -- #4 in our series on Casting Icons
- a look back at one of our most beloved and ...knowledgeable instructors, by The Loop's Bruce Morrison.
* New Approved Casting Definitions for All IFFF Instructors by Tim Lawson
* Bruce Richards writes on Flyline Stretch, why, how, does it affect your casting. . .and your hook-up rate.
* The Dry Fly Spey By Christopher Rownes and Juergen Friesenhahn, includes a video of the cast.
* Line-Hand Control by Dave Cleaves.
* CBOG Chair Rick Williams writes on the State of the CICP and the EDP
* Getting Better at Getting Better, Aussie George Forster's Two Day Clinic on Improving How You Improve.

President's Report
International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) and Bend, Oregon 2015

The IFFF had its 50th Anniversary and Fair in Bend, Oregon this year from August 13-15. There were many highlights including Joan Wulff, icon of fly fishing and casting as well as some of the past presidents and founding members. President Phil Greenlee celebrated the event with the Frank and Jeanne Moore Award. This award honored Frank for all his contributions to fly fishing and community service. Nathaniel Reed, an avid fly fisher, was the recipient and had a distinguished career in the Department of Interior where he instituted many good practices including the Clean Water Act. The event was hosted by the Oregon Council President, Sherry Steele and the members of the Council. Most of the meetings were at the Riverhouse Convention Center. There were over 80 workshops and program and over 100 fly tiers. Programs included fly fishing, casting, tying, youth and women's programs.

The Awards banquet honored many contributors including Florida members Leslie Holmes, the Mel Krieger Casting Award, Tom Logan, IFF Conservation Award, Ron Winn, Federator Award, and Ken Hofmeister, the IFFF FL Council Award. See below for details of these awards.

It was a great opportunity to observe and talk to many great fly tiers as well as getting some casting instructions from many of the best. The vendors represented many of the major manufactures of equipment and supplies, outings, lodges, boats, foreign trips, and related activities. Wednesday evening was the Awards Banquet, Thursday social at the Lea Schwab Amphitheater, Friday evening the auction and dinner, and Saturday evening the BBQ.

The Fair is a great opportunity to see old friends and make some new ones. In addition to attending some of the sessions, I volunteered in the Youth Program and also did some fishing in the middle Deschutes and Tumulo Creek.

Prior to the meeting Nick, my son and I did some serious fishing in the Lower Deschutes and East Lake. Nick had the catch of the day with a 20+ inch rainbow (a.k.a. steelhead). We also caught some nice browns and a white fish. Steve Erickson from Jeff Perin's The Fly Fisher's Place was an excellent guide. We fished the Deschutes from Warm Spring to Trout Creek.

Sherry Steele, Oregon Council President hosted the Council Presidents Committee retreat on Saturday and Sunday so we had a great social time and some fishing. We fished the Metolius River in several spots. It is a spectacular river with great water which maintains a constant temperature of 48 degrees. It was probably one of the most beautiful rivers with the blue colored gorge at Wizard Falls. Tom Gadacz:President, IFFF Florida Council

Mel Krieger Fly Casting Instructor Award - An award given by the Board of Governors (BOG) of the IFFF Casting Instructor Program in recognition of those who have made significant contributions to the IFFF Casting Instructor Certification Program, have dedicated themselves to flycasting instruction and have shared their knowledge with others.
2015 Leslie Holmes

Federator of the Year Award- An award presented to that individual or director who has demonstrated unusual devotion to the IFFF, and through outstanding contributions has benefited the Federation as a National or international organization.
2015 Ron Winn

IFFF Conservation Award - An award presented to a person, group or organization which has made extraordinary contributions to the conservation of our fisheries resources in the past year.
2015 Tom Logan

2015 Council Award of Excellence Recipients
2015 Ken Hofmeister

Ron Whiteley has posted the IFFF- Florida Council Newsletter in which you will find:
* The President's Report (also seen above)
* The roster of Council Board Members and contact information
* IFFF Annual Florida Council Report
Press release and information on our 2015 Florida Fly Fishing Expo Oct. 23-24 (also on the EXPO page)
* IFFF-Florida Council letters to:
.....* Governor Scott concerning several proposed development projects in South Florida
.....* Response to NOAA for comments on National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy

* Article on Boys Home of Virginia hosting a "Teach a Man to Fish" event featuring renowned instructor Dusty Sprague introducing young men to the art and skills of fly fishing.

* Article on how Casting For Recovery's Fly fishing program benefits Florida breast cancer survivors.
President Tom Gadacz presenting a $500 check to Casting For Recovery

International Federation of Fly Fishers’ Florida Council presented CfR-FL with a check for $500.

Download the NEWSLETTER today and sh
are it with your members.

Florida Council Clubs
Many of our clubs work with organizations within their communities to provide an educational experience for others. View images and read the articles written by our Council President, Tom Gadacz on our Education page
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