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With your entry into the show you can view the hundreds of tying demonstrations available.

Types of tying you will see are Nymph, Dry Fly, Parachutes, Streamers, Emergers, Saltwater, Terrestrials, Tube Flies and much more using traditional materials to new and innovative materials and techniques. 


Don Abing

Life member of IFFF, founding board member of Rainland Fly Casters, Astoria, OR, certified IFFF fly casting instructor, ODFW Angler Education Certified Volunteer Instructor, contributing author to book - Northwest Fly Patterns and Tying Guide, first salmon cooker for the Chinook Indian Nation.

Type of Tying: Western Ameletus (specific for searun cutthroat) & other searun patterns.


Peter Allen

Peter enjoys making fly tying tools and rods as well as teaching and demonstrating fly tying. Growing up in Yorkshire, England, he has an interest in tying the soft hackle flies that evolved there. He also enjoys tying steelhead patterns, and has developed several salt water fly patterns.

Type of Tying: Saltwater/Trout/Steelhead


Chet Allison

Tying flies for 40 years. Enjoy teaching kids and have done the Boy Scout Merit Badge program.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout


Valerie Anderson

I have been tying classic salmon flies for 5 years with the Central Oregon Fly Tyers Guild in Sisters, OR.

Type of Tying: Classic Salmon


Chuck Ansley

I have been tying for 51 years. I tye mostly stillwater, nymphs, streamser, and others. I live in Three Forks, MT at the headwaters of the Missouri and have lived in this area for 51 years. I love to tye.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Streamer/Warm Water/Trout


Sveinn Thor Arnarson

I am 43 years old and a professional tier from Iceland.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon/Nymph/Streamer/Trout


Alex Assante

I am a 15 yr. old high school student who is passionate about fly tying and fly fishing for trout. I have been tying for 3 years and fishing for 2 years. I have been lucky to have met and received guidance from some amazing men and women in this community. I look forward to what's in store for the future.

Type of Tying: Trout


Chuck V Ballard

Born and raised in Boise ID, moved to Seattle in 1961. Past preseident of the Washington Fly Fishing Club; charter club of the IFFF. Started tying in 1978, I like tying effective "catching" flies.

Type of Tying: Trout


Dutch Baughman

Completed apprenticeship with Michael Radencich. Demo tier annually: Texas Council Expo, Sowbug Southern Council Expo, 20+ year member of the Roadkill Roundtable Fly Tiers, life member IFFF and Fly Tying Group, fly tying teacher.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon


Gretchen Beatty

Gretchen and Al Beatty are longtime IFFF members who are well recognized in fly-tying circles. They are from Boise, ID where they enjoy eachothers company at the vise, on the water, behind the camera or at the keyboard.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Streamer/Trout/Assortment of Western Trout


Al Beatty

Gretchen and Al Beatty are longtime IFFF members who are well recognized in fly-tying circles. They are from Boise, ID where they enjoy eachothers company at the vise, on the water, behind the camera or at the keyboard.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Streamer/Trout/Assortment of Western Trout


Ron Bell

VP Central Oregon Fly Tyers Guild. Started tying in 2007. Demo tier at the NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo, in Albany OR.

Type of Tying: Trout


Matt Bennett

Umpqua Signature Fly Designer specializing in warmwater flies. Full-time commercial fly tyer with experience in a variety of tying techniques for species all over the world.

Type of Tying: Streamer/Warm Water/ Saltwater


Ed Berg

I have been tying for 40 years, teaching and demonstrating for 25 years in 12 states, Washington, DC, and 7 European countries.

Type of Tying: Dry Flies


Gary Bevers

I have been tying flies since 1978 when Randall Kaufman got me started.  I enjoyed tying and began collecting techniques and tying general types of flies.  In 2007 I took up Atlantic Salmon flies and enjoy the challenge.

Type of Tying: Traditional Spey


Gilbert Biles

I am 78 and have lived in WA for 60 years. I am a retired tool and die maker. I have tied flies for over 50 years.  I have fished WA, OR, MT, MI, WI, Argentina, Mexico, HI, MD, VA and my main tying is woven flies.

Type of Tying: Warm water/Trout/Woven flies


Bill Blackstone

16th Recipiant of the Buzick Tying Award. Web-site createve Realism -US. Specializing in realistic bugs. Voted Legend by Federation.

Type of Tying: Realistic Tying


Don Bowen

Fly Tying and Fishing in Oregon since 1973. Retired Semi Conductor Eng. Live with wife near Vernonia , OR

Type of Tying: Streamer/Steelhead Spey


Peggy Brenner

Peggy comes from Milford, NH close to some of the best fresh and saltwater fly fishing, with 2 decades of experience tying streamers. I enjoy teaching to share my experiences. As an active participant in the NH Arts Traditional Arts Program she has an apprentice for 2015; Classic Streamers, Bass and Salmon flies.

Type of Tying: Streamer/Classic Featherwing Streamers


Steve Brocco

I have been a demonstration fly tier at IFFF and other shows for over 40 years. Dressing steelhead flies allows me to teach numerous techniques to the viewers.

Type of Tying: Steelhead


Keith Burkhart

Past IFFF secretary and awards committee chair. Awarded IFFF Man of the Year in 2001. Past president of the Oregon Council. 2012 Oregon Council Fly Tyer of the Year. Co-founder of the NW Fly Tyer's Expo.

Type of Tying: Trout/Searun Cutthroat


Charles Chlysta

I am a retired biology teacher that has been tying flies since I was 15. I have been retired now for 15 years and have been fly tying and fishing intensively since. My main focus is warm water fishing, specifically bluegill and smallmouth bass.

Type of Tying: Warm Water


Gerry Clark

As a teenager, Gerry enthusiastically tested the prototypes of the Clark's Stonefly, a pattern developed by his dad, Lee Clark. His own patterns were included in the book "Fly Tying With Poly Yarn".

Type of Tying: Trout


Lee Clark

Lee likes to use non-traditional materials. Developer of the Clark's Stonefly, the Oregon Council, awarded him Fly Tyer of the Year in 1989. He has been tying 65 years and co-authored "Fly Tying With Poly Yarn". Some of his flies are on display at the IFFF Museum.

Type of Tying: Trout


Chuck Collins

Tied flies for about 60 years and owned a fly shop for 15 years. I've been tying at several expo's and conclave's for 30 years. Life member of the IFFF and FTG. Selected as WRMC Fly Tyer of the year in 2001. Have been published in a number of books and won several fly tying contest awards.

Type of Tying: Trout


Todd Collins

Native of Butte, MT. Have been tying Grant flies for 27 years. Learned from Georege Grant. Founding board member and past president of Big Hole River Foundation.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout/George Grant Flies


Jim Crislip

I have been tying fishing flies for over 40 years. I am a very active member of the IFFF, Board of Governors Fly Tying Group, Oregon Council Board of Directors, The Museum Committee, and Washtington Council Fly Fishers Excutive Board. I am on the Pro Staff Daiichi Hooks, Norlander VIes and also Oregon Council of the IFFF 2015 Federator of the Year.

Type of Tying: Tube Flies


Jerry Criss

I have been fly fishing and tying since the early 80's. I retired to Central Oregon to advance my passion for the sport. I was named 2009 'Oregon Fly Tyer of the Year' for my teaching and dedication to the craft. I am  known for my teaching and creativity, while never forgetting the roots of the craft.

Type of Tying: Trout/Soft Hackles/Emergers/Dry Flies


Tom Criswell

I began fly tying at age 11 or 12. I have taught fly tying for 35+ years. Selected as Southern Council Teacher of the Year for 2004

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout/Midge


Ted Crona

Retired metallurgical engineer and past ASTM committee chairman and have 5 patents. Have demonstrated at the Southeastern, Southern IFFF events, Trout Unlimited, and Orvis. My "Semper Fi" was a featured fly on FAOL in 2009. Currently a city official in Scottsboro, AL.

Type of Tying: Old Classic Wet Flies


Aaron Culley

Aaron lives in Washington state, where he has a fly fishing guide business, ties many of his own flies and teaches customers and friends fly casting as well. Aaron also has been a member of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild for more than 20 years and enjoys dressing those beautiful creations. He has been fly fishing for more than 25 years.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout


Charlotte Day

Started fly fishing around 2000 and introduced to fly fishing in 1998. Have fished most of my life.

Type of Tying: Warm water


H Ben Dennis

HB Dennis is the VP of conservation for the Washington State Council. Fly fishing for 60 years, instruct fly casting at local junion college, founded Methow Valley Fly Fishers and co-founded Salmon Creek Fly Fishers. To conserve educate and restore our heritage.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout/Extended Body Nymphs and Dry Flies


Norman Domagala

I live in the small community of Alpine in Western Oregon. I recently retired from my job as a Building Inspector. Im enjoying spending more time fly fishing and demonstrating fly tying at shows. Im a Whiting Dealer and also on the Whiting Pro Team.

Type of Tying: Steelhead/Salmon


Fred DuPre`

Fred DuPre' has been tying for 50 years. He is a member of the Road Kill Roundtable Fly Tying Group (currently treasurer), Fly Dressers Guild, Forth Worth Flyfishers, Dallas Flyfishers, and has tied in many large events across the state.

Type of Tying: Saltwater


Robert Eagleson

Fishing for trout in Alberta and Montana for 40 years. I have also evolved into a serious fly tier.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout


Scott Erickson

I learned to tie at the age of eleven. I fish mostly for trout in the lakes and rivers of southern Alberta, but enjoy fishing for any fish, anywhere.

Type of Tying: Nymph


Oscar Feliu

Born in Chile came to USA in 1969 resided in Michigan 20yrs and migrated to Florida. His flies have been the subject of many articles on fly fishing. Oscar has 4DVD’ in International Market has presented Workshops and Demonstrations for IFFF for over 36yrs.He is the recipient of the 2014 Buz Buzek award.  Today he pursues salt water species with his new fly patterns.

Type of Tying: Streamer/Saltwater


James Fenner

More than 50 years experience in fly casting and fly tying. Life member of IFFF, TU, IGFA, and British Angler's Cooperative Association. Fish mainly for native troug in local waters, and tie flies for same. Lived and fished in Europe many years, learning some European casting, fly tying , and fishing techniques and methods in the process.

Type of Tying: Trout/Traditional and "easy to tie" wet flies and nymphs for fast water and slower water


James Ferguson

Nelson IFFF award recipient, Oregon tier of the year, FTG Board of Governor.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon/Streamer/Hairwing replacement Atlantic Salmon patterns


Steven Fernandez

Steven Fernandez has been tying flies for over 40 years, and started tying professionally at the age of 13 for local shops. He has taught and demonstrated since he was 16, and enjoys tying all types of flies, particularly catskill flies and artistic salmon flies. He is the 2012 recipient of the Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award. He is Fly Tying Co-Director of the SWCFF, and is an architect and artist.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon/Trout


Jim Fisher

Jim has sixty plus years of tying experience in Trout, Steelhead, Salmon and Classic Salmon flies. He is a life member of the IFFF and Fly Tyer Group.

Type of Tying: Trout


James Flaherty

Started tying around 1968 in Helena, Montana. In 2006 I was taught how to George Grant flies by Todd Collins.

Type of Tying: George Grant style flies


Russ Forney

Russ Forney is an avid fly tyer with 20 years of experience at the vise. Visit his tying table to see how traditional materials are combined with new techniques to add animation and vitality to your trout flies. Russ is a member of the Fly Tying Group and this is his 7th year as a demonstration tyer.

Type of Tying: Trout


Mike George

I work with deer hair. My techniques are ny own as I am self taught. I do stack hair. Have been in several magazines, won 9 gold in the MSO International Competition. I produced 1 video and am scheduled to tape #2 in February 2015.

Type of Tying: Warm Water/Deer Hair


Will Godfrey

Charter Associate IFFF Member (1965/6) - 12/13 years a Director, Vice President, Exe. Vice President IFFF. Former Idaho Fish & Game Commissioner.

Type of Tying: Steelhead


L.D. "Buck" Goodrich

Long time Federator, Buck has been tying flies and teaching fly tying for over 60 years. Awards include the IFFF's Lapis, the Dick Nelson Fly Tying and Teaching Award, and the Lew Jewett Memorial Award. Buck specializes in tying flies for pike fishing and for trout.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Streamer/Warm Water/Trout


Hal Gordon

Oregon IFFF 2010 Fly Tyer of the Year, 2015 fly tier Expo chair, author of "Drag-Free Drifts, 50 Years of Fly Fishing Trips". Fly tier and fisher for 50 years.

Type of Tying: Trout


John Graves

I have fly fished since 1993 and also started tying flies in 1994. I am a life member of the IFFF and a life member of the Southern Oregon Fly Fishers.

Type of Tying: Trout/Steelhead


Vic Hadley

Tier and teacher for many years.  Tier of the year 2014 Oregon IFFF.

Type of Tying: Steelhead


Dave Hamilton

Member of the IFFF and Southern Oregon Fly Tyers. Have demonstrated tying throughout the western United States.

Type of Tying: Nymph


Cathy Hamilton

Member of the IFFF and Southern Oregon Fly Tyers. Have demonstrated tying throughout the western United States.

Type of Tying: Nymph


Rockwell Hammond  Jr.

I am currently President of the NW Atlantic Slamon Fly Fishing Guild.  Ihave been tying for over 40 years and have demonstrated both nationally and internationally. I avidly pursue trout, steelhead, and traveling.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon/Steelhead


Howard "Bud" Heintz

Fly tier for 42 years which 37 years have been professional consisting of tying lessons and tying instruction for clubs, fly tying shops, fly tying shows, conclave, and tying custom flies for "Buz" Buszacks' Fly Shop - Visalia, CA. Have been published in FFF Pattern Encyclopedia (Hopper on cover) "Innovatieve flies & techniques" and "Patterns of the Masters".

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout


Jim Higgins

I have been tying flies for more than 50 years. I have tied for several fly shops over those years.

Type of Tying: Trout/Emergers


Zach Hoefer

Growing up in Boise, Idaho I have had the opportunity to not only fish some trout fishery gems but learn from some of the greatest fly fisherman and fly tiers in the country and I always meet the challenge of sharing and learning more about the great sport of fly fishing with enthusiasm.

Type of Tying: Trout


Brian Hudspeth

I have been tying flies for over 30 years. While I tie all kinds of flies, streamers are my favorites. I am a pro tyer with Umpqua Feather Merchants. I enjoy teaching and tying, as well as fishing at any opportunity I can get.

Type of Tying: Streamer/Warm Water


David Hunter

I enjoy fishing Oregon Rivers for trout & steelhead and have been tying flies for 25 years.

Type of Tying: Streamer/Steelhead


Hugh Huntley

I've been tying for 40 years. Have tied as Fair's in Montana for 25+ years.

Type of Tying: Streamer/Lake


Misako Ishimura

Misako Ishimura from Osaka, Japan is a captain of Fly Fishing Team in Japan and ties trout flies which can be used for international competitions.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout/Tenkara


Ken Iwamasa

Type of Tying: Trout/Poly Dun Dry Flies and Spinners


Bob Jacklin

Bob Jacklin has been a fly fishing guide and outfitter in the West Yellowstone area for over 45 years. He is a world class fly fisherman, fly tyer, and Master Certified Casting Instructor; he sits on the Board of Governors for fly casting instruction. He has been tying flies commercially since 1963 and is a past recipient of the IFFF's Buz Buszek award for his contributions to the art of fly tying. Bob is a charter member of the IFFF, on the pro-staff for St.Croix Rods, Ross els, Cortland Lines, and Whiting Farms.

Type of Tying: Trout


Engilbert Jensen

74 years old and was a musician for 50 years and well known in Iceland. He has tied for 40 years and well known for his fly tying.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon/Trout


Steve Jensen

I have been active in the Federation and a life member for over 30 years. I am an emeritus member of the IFFF's Fly Tying Group and chair of the Fly Framing Committee.

Type of Tying: Warm Water/Saltwater


Vern Jeremica

I've been fly tying for 52 years and enjoy all types of fly tying from Atlantic salmon flies, trout, anadromous species, and salt water flies. I have been teaching fly tying since 1978.

Type of Tying: Atlantic salmon/Saltwater/Trout


Frank Johnson

Life long professional tier, Taught tying for some 45 years, Demo tied at IFFF Functions since 1973, Recipient Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award, Recipient Dick Nelson Fly Tying Teaching Award.

Type of Tying: Trout


John Johnson

John is a retired chemical engineer who has more than 50 years of cold and warm water fly fishing experience. Has extensive fly fishing, fly tying, and aquatic biology teaching experience at IFFF, TU, University, High School, and grade school levels. He is a licensed smallmouth guide in Michigan.

Type of Tying: Warm Water


Mike Keithley

Mike has been tying flies for over twenty years and has concentrated in tying classic salmon flies for the past nine years. He has tied at previous IFFF Fly Fishing Fairs, Eastern Rocky Mtn. Region Expo, and several Oregon Council Expo's in both demonstration tying and teaching fly tying classes.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon/Trout/Classic Wet Flies


Dan Kellogg

Tying flies for 25 years. Member of IFFF, Fly Tying Group, the Southern Oregon Fly Tyers, and the Senior Staff Fly Dresseres Guild. I am a demo tyer and tying instructor for the local clubs and expos.

Type of Tying: Trout/Classic Wet Flies


Naif Samuel Khoury

Retired attorny teaching beginners and others the practical methods of Tenkara and light rod fly fishing with enphasis on drawing young person into the art of fly fishing so they can teach others.

Type of Tying: Trout/Practical aspects of Tenkara fly theory and construction


Mary Kovatch

I learned to fly fish and have done it for 65 years. I am active in the Northwest Fly Anglers, Seattle, Spokane Fly Fishers and the North Idaho Fly Casters in Coeur D' Alene, ID. I have taught tying and casting for about 30 years.

Type of Tying: Trout/Dry Flies


John Kreft

John has been tying flies for 45 years. He enjoys tying and fishing "fishing" flies that are simple, yet effective. He is a demonstration tier at the NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo in Albany, OR where he is the 2015 chair.

Type of Tying: Trout


Bob Krumm

I have been tying flies since 1968 and love to tie faily simple quick flies that catch fish. Most of my flies are designed for use on the Bighorn River.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Streamer/Trout


Dave Kruss

Dave began fly fishing and tying during 1954, while living in Southern California.  During his (26) year participation as an international spearfishing competitor, he developed a unique “match-the-hatch” approach to design of saltwater baitfish imitations. Dave is past president and member of the Peninsula Fly Fishers and teaches intermediate and advanced tying classes to club members.  He is a member of the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club in San Francisco and teaches classes for those members also. Dave demonstrates tying nearly (150) hours annually, at various IFFF Council fundraisers and commercial shows mostly in the western states.  He volunteered nearly (15) years as a member of the BOD and Fly Tying Committee Chair for the No. CA Council of the IFFF, who selected him as the 2003 Ned Long Memorial Fly Tyer of the Year. He presently resides in San Mateo with his wife and a Welch Corgi (dog), with fur amazingly similar to that of an Australian Possum.

Type of Tying: Trout


Don Lawler

Locally-xourced and life-long resident of northwest Louisiana. Granted Master-Tyer status in 2010. Specializing in off-beat, unique, and ecentric flies for all angling environments.

Type of Tying: Warm Water/Saltwater


Jackson Leong

I enjoy fly fishing and fly tying. I am a collector of realistic flies and enjoy sharing them at fly tying events.

Type of Tying: Realistic


John Lindsey Jr.

Flytier and fly fisherman for 60+ years. I tie warm, cold and salt water flies. Help kids and grandkids fly fish and tie. Specialize in bugs and tools for big bass. IGFA Fly Rod 6# Tippet record holder as of this writing.

Type of Tying: Warm Water/Big Bass Bugs for Big Bass


Dave Londeree

Treasurer WRMC, past president North Idaho Fly Casters, current BOD NIFC, youth fly tying instructor NIFC.

Type of Tying: Trout


John Loper

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout


William Lovelace

IFFF show demonstration tier since 2006. I tie flies for fresh and saltwater but specialize in trout flies including Flymphs.

Type of Tying: Trout


Wayne Luallen

Wayne has demonstrated fly tying techniques at numerous local, regional, national, and international events since the mid 1970's. He is especially fond of teaching the details of fly tying. In 1991 Wayne was honored to be the recipient of the IFFF ‘Buz’ Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award.

Type of Tying: Trout


Patty Lueken

Can you use last years? Or the one from the workshop commitment form

Type of Tying: Trout


Jim Maus

I've been tying flies for over twenty-five years. I especially enjoy sharing my passion for tying with those new to the sport. I'm a life member of the IFFF and a member of the Washington State Council's Board of Directors.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Streamer/Saltwater/Trout


Ron Metzger

I have been trying to tie a good fly for over 40 years. Being a member of the Southern Oregon Senior Staff Fly Dressers Guild has helped a little.

Type of Tying: Trout


Connor Murphy

Connor is a sophomore at CO State University majoring in fisheries biology and the recipient of the IFFF Robert J. Marriott Scholarship. He is a contract fly tier and designer; works at St. Peter's Fly Shop in Ft. Collins, CO where he teaches tying and casting classes and guides on the Poudre River. He is a certified casting instructor and is known for his unique flies for competitive fly fishing.

Type of Tying: Trout


John M Newbury

John lives in NE Washington and fishes and ties flies for the area's many lakes and the upper Columbia River, which he refers to as his "home waters". He also fishes the rives of WA, ID, OR, and BC, Canada for steelhead. John was made the first member of the WSFFF Fly Tying Hall of Fame in 2007, was awarded the Lew Jewett Memorial in 2008, and was again honored for his contributions to fly tying with the Buz Buszek Award in 2009.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Streamer/Steelhead


Bob Newman

I am a self taught tier beginning in 1965. I began demontstrating almost 30 years ago, demonstrating all types of flies. In 2013 I was inducted into the Washington Council IFFF Fly Tyers Hall of Fame.

Type of Tying: Trout


Larry Nicholas

Oregon Council IFFF Fly Tyer of the Year 2001, Member IFFF Fly Tyer Group, Demonstration tyer for 25+ years. Serious hobby tyer.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon/Spey/Dee/Steelhead


Dick Nicklas

Dick is a versatile tier who ties everything from midges to tarpon flies as dectated by the needs of his next fishing trip, whether it be Alaska, Australia, the Carribean, Russia or near home in Washington.

Type of Tying: Trout


Mas Okui

Have been fishing Hot Creek for over 6 decades and have developed patterns and techniques which over the years have been extremely productive.

Type of Tying: Trout


Russ Osenbach

I am 61 and have been fly fishing since age 5. Tying flies since age 9. Have tied commerciallyin the past for 16 years. Have tied trout, bass, steelhead, spey, dee, salmon, hairwing and married wing flies.  Feel in love wiith steelhead fishing in 1991. have taught fly tying for 30 years. Have demo tied at shows & fly fishing fairs.

Type of Tying: Steelhead - Irish shrimp style steelhead flies


Tim Paxton

An avid fly tier for over 50 years. Has developed many usable flies that salmon steelhead & tarpon love; Tim's Twit, Humboldt Honney, Buggy Nymph Hare's Ear, Herniator & Soft Pop. Was originator of Paxtons Buggy Nypmh dubbing.

Type of Tying: Saltwater


Richard Pilatzke

Type of Tying: Stillwater


Roy D. Powell

I live in Burney, CA where I fish every day! (Lucky Me!) I'm considered a pro/innovator fly tier with over 2 decades of fly tying. I'm on the Daiichi Pro Staff and a contract tier for Solitude Flies. My claim to fame is I have won 27 fly tying contests in Frank Amato's Flyfishing and Tying Jounal "Pattent Patterns".

Type of Tying: Nymph/Steelhead


Ron Reinebach

Fly tyer (since 1981), teacher, raconteur, entrepreneur, and all around swell guy.

Type of Tying: 15th Century flies from the Treatyse of Fysshynge Wythe An Angle


David Roberts

Tying Chairperson 2015 Fly Fishing Fair

Type of Tying: Streamer/will be tying trouble shooting


Carl Ronk

Type of Tying: Trout


Karen Royer

From Lacey WA, have been tying for 18+ years. Member of the IFFF, fly tying chair for the WA chapter, member of WA TU. Tying instructor for youth conservation camp each summer.

Type of Tying: Realistic


Louise Runnals

The first fish I ever caught on a fly I tied was a bluegill in a trout stream. I've been hooked ever since! And that was 25 years ago!

Type of Tying: Warm water


Carl Sanders

Carl Sanders is a fly tier/fisher with 20 years of experience and a member of the Grande Ronde Fly Fishers of La Grande, Oregon and a past president of the Central Oregon Flyfishers out of Bend, Oregon. Carl specializes in tying and fishing wet flies, classic and contemporary styles,  with a passion in the history of "flymphs" in the Pete Hidy style.

Type of Tying: Trout/Flymph


Jim Saunders

Type of Tying: Streamer/Trout


Bob Scheidt

Long time centralCA fly tier. I enjoy sharing what has been handed down to me by some legends. I am experienced and knowledgeable in dyeing natural materials.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout/Parachute Dries


Jack "John " Schlotter

Signature fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants since 1997. Most significant patterns: Rogue Foam Stone, Giant & Golden, and Foam Flying Ant. Also a member of the Winston, Whiting, and Orvis Pro Teams.

Type of Tying: Trout


Mike Schmierer

Fly fisher for 53 years, tier for 45 years, and show tier for 4 years. I have caught 159 species on flies I have tied.

Type of Tying: Streamer/Warm Water/Saltwater/Trout


Jim Schollmeyer

Photographer and Author.

Type of Tying: Trout


Chuck Scott

Have been tying for 25 years. Tie in 12 shows per year.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Streamer/Trout/Steelhead


Jesse Scott

Native Washingtonion with 30 years active military service. Instructor of Evergreen Hand and active with veterans fly fishing organizations.

Type of Tying: Demonstrate tying with the use of Evergreen Hand tying device


John Shewey

Author, photographer, editor-in-chief of Northwest Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing, and Eastern Fly Fishing magazines.

Type of Tying: Steelhead


Dominic Singh

I am 14 years old and have been tying flies for 6 years. I enjoy fishing the many ponds and creeks of Ellensburg as well as the great Yakima River.

Type of Tying: Warm water


Jeff Smith

I have been tying flies for over fifty years. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest most of my life, most of my flies are for trout and steelhead.

Type of Tying: Trout


James Snyder

A fly fisherman and tier since 1976. Member of the Santiam Flycasters in Salem Oregon. Occasional teacher of fly tying.

Type of Tying: Streamer/Steelhead


Royce Stearns

My fly tying interests are rooted in early American fly fishing.

Type of Tying: Early American patterns - Orvis, Cheney, Norris Bass, Salmon, Lake


Sherry Steele

Sherry Steele lives in Sisters, OR. She is president of the Oregon Council IFFF, Vendor Chair for NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo in Oregon. Sherry is on the IFFF Board of Directors, IFFF Museum Committee Chair and Exhibitor Chair for the IFFF Fair. She received the IFFF 2014 Federator of the year and Oregon Council 2010 Federator of the year award. Sherry teaches fly tying and is a Demonstration Tier at shows throughout the west.

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon


Mike Stewart, Pondview Farm

I am a freshwater and saltwater fly fisher and tyer.  Since 1982, I have been tying and fishing flies.  Most of my fishing has been in New England, New York, Arkansas, and Florida with outings to the Rocky Mountain states, New Brunswick, Alaska, and Chile.  I am a demo fly tyer for The Fishing Shows, Sow Bug, and shows in New England & New York. I'm on the Flymen Fishing Co Pro-Team.

Type of Tying: Classic Wet Fly


Walt Swanson

I have been tying flies for 30 plus years, teaching fly tying for 14 years. Am a member of the IFFF Fly Tying Group and a certified casting instructor.

Type of Tying: Trout


Mike Swederska

I have been tying for over 40 years. I enjoy looking for ways to improve patterns. I have tied as a demo tier at the Souther Council for several years. Sowbug, St Louis County Parks, Ozark Fly Fishers.  I have taught over 10 tying classes to a minimum of 10 students at a time.

Type of Tying: Trout


Hiromasa Takahashi

I am president of the latest Japanese affiliate club JFFA (Japan Fly Fishing Association). I demonstrated at the Spokane Fair in 2012 and look forward to celebrating the IFFF 5oth anniversary in Bend.

Type of Tying: Trout


Jim & Donna Teeney

We have been in the Fly Fishing industry since July 1, 1971. Orginated the Teeny Nymph fly patter and orginated the first intergrated Sintsy/Floating fly tiers. Author of "Fly Fishing Head Waters" book.

Type of Tying: Nymph


Mike Telford

I enjoy fly fishing and tying because it is a continual learning process. I like to innovate flies using new ideas and materials.

Type of Tying: Trout/Stillwater


Richard Twarog

Retired hollywood photographer/writer. Author of San Juan River: A Fly Angler's Journal and Salmon Flies: Postcards from Rivers Past. Also written feature articles in Fish & Fly Magazine, SW Fly Fishing, new Mexico Magazine and Fly Fishing and Tying Journal.

Type of Tying: Streamer


Mike Walling

I was raised on the banks fo the Henry's Fork (North Fork) of the Snake River in eastern Idaho. I started fly fishing at a young age by but didn't start tying until about 20 years ago. I enjoy my life by traveling & fishing as much as possible.

Type of Tying: Trout


Joe Warren

Author of Tying Glass Bead Flies, Joe Warren ties flies for all types of fly fishing from trout to saltwater.

Type of Tying: Streamer/Warm water


David Paul Williams

Author of "Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth", Williams has also written extensivley on trout and saltwater fly fishing. He ties simple flies that are effecticve impressionistic representations of things fish eat.

Type of Tying: Warm water/Saltwater


Bill Willmert

Author: Wrote Flyfishing on the Red (about fly fishing on the Red river). Guide: Guiding on the Red river and working at Ozark Angler. Specialize in tying pike and trout flies. Favorite Fish: Pike, trout, smallmouth. Favorite Spot: Rainy Lake OR.


Type of Tying: Trout


Ivan Winger

Current president of Green County Flyfishers. I like to tie patterns that are interesting but not too complex. I do like to see new ideas.

Type of Tying: Warm Water


Ron Winn

A life member for over 25 years, Ron ties mostly salt and warm water flies. He specializes in the use of synthetics and his flies have caught prey from sailfish to peacock bass.

Type of Tying: Warm water/Saltwater


Bob Wolfe

I have been teaching fly fishing and fly tying for over 40 years. I have demonstrated tying my trout and steelhead flys at IFFF expos and workshops in the north west for over 15 years. Teaching fly fishing is my passion and I have helped hundreds of people develop their fly fishing skills so they can fully benjoy this wonderful sport.

Type of Tying: Nymph/Trout


Paul Wolflick

As a professional fly tier, I supplied flies to the Fly Box and Numb Butt in Bend OR and Sunriver Fly Shop in Sunriver. I specialize in lake patterns, especially reservoir flies. I teach a fly class each week and enjoy sharing ideas.

Type of Tying: Trout


Garren Wood

An avid fly tyer who enjoys tying many different styles.  Especially enjoys tying woven body flies.  Will demonstrate how to tie woven body flies using a technique called Kumihimo that uses 16 strands of floss to create unique body patterns.

Type of Tying: Steelhead


Leslie Wrixon

I was born a fly tyer, but did not discover that until my adult years (about 15 years ago). Go to to find out the whole story.

Type of Tying: Saltwater


Todd Yorke

Began tying in late 1970's after a beginner's class taught by Dave McNeese. Current member of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon fly Guild. Always striving to tie attractive flies that catch fish!

Type of Tying: Atlantic Salmon/Spey/Dee

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