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Programs are presentations or seminars given on the hour in a theater type setting. They include many topics revolving around the fly fishing lifestyle, from remote fly fishing destinations to the right fly for the area. With your entry into the show you can attend as many of these as you wish.

The programs will take place at the Park High School, 102 View Vista Drive. See the schedule HERE.

Dutch Baughman

Life member: IFFF and Tying Group; passionate fly fisher, and steelheader

Title of Program and Description: The History and Evolution of the Spey and Dee Flies. This program will focus on the evolution of the salmon fly pattern primarily during the 19th century and its impact on todays flies; this program will include reference to the dimultaneous development and evolution during the same period of time of the 2-hand casting style. This program is the result of 15 years of concentrated study.


Norm Crisp

Norm crisp is the owner and head guide of STREAM SIDE ADVENTURES. Norm has lead trips to Chile, Mongolia, Missouri and Wyoming.  Norm's background as both a fisheries biologist and a water resources engineer gives him a unique prospective on fly fishing for trout.

Title of Program and Description: Reading Trout Streams: Understand Stream Flow and a Trout's Needs. A basic understanding of how water flows in a stream is a critical skill that separates a great day on the stream from and average day.  This program will help you understand what makes one stream location much better than another nearby one by providing a basic understanding of  "fluid mechanics" and how a trout's needs intersect.


David Folkerts

David Folkerts is currently the Chief Operations Officer for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. (PHWFF). He is a medically retired US Army Captain who was severely wounded in Iraq in 2005. During his recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC he was introduced to PHWFF and the healing powers of the sport of fly fishing.

Title of Program and Description: Healing Waters: A soldiers story & introduction to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. David Folkerts the current COO of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) will give an introductory presentation on PHWFF.  He will also share his personal story as a US Army soldier who was wounded in Iraq in 2005 that found healing through fly fishing with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.


Kelly Glissmeyer

Kelly G. Glissmeyer is well-known western fly tier. In addition he is a fly fishing author and photographer. He currently edits the "At the Vise" column for the Flyfisher magazine as well as the contributing author to the "Fly Tips" column in the same magazine. He also has regular articles published in other fly fishing magazines.

Title of Program and Description: Today's Stillwater Strategies. Powerpoint program on utilizing indicators for both shallow water and deep water stillwater fly fishing. Methods, tactics, gear, and flies.


Yashuhiro Hamano

Graduated from Department of Cinema at the College of Artsof nihon University. Hamano is general producer and business consultant of FROM-1st, Tokyu Hands, AXIS, QFRONT, Q-AX, AO Aoyama and many other creations.

Title of Program and Description: Fish God / SAKANAKAMI movie screening. The story is the old fisherman traveled and did fly-fishing around HOKKAIDO, the north of Japan. There is full of beautiful nature.Theme of this movie is, One, Save the TIDAL FLATS. Second, The preservation of “ITO”. (ITO also known as Taimen is the fish which is designated as an endangered species. It is called "fish of ghost".)


Peg Kingery

Two of the activities that I'm most passionate about are fly fishing and teaching others about fly fishing. I'm a member of Kelly Creek Flycasters, Lewiston, Idaho; fly fishing instructor for Casting for Recovery North Idaho/Eastern Washington; and secretary of the IFFF's Western Rocky Mountain Council. I'm particularly fond of a 5 foot 2 weight fly rod that I use when fishing little-known small streams in northern Idaho.

Title of Program and Description: Fish Foods 101: Stream Entomology for the Beginning Fly Fisher. Since there are thousands of fly patterns designed to entice a fish, it can be overwhelming for the new fly fisher as s/he begins filling fly boxes for fishing trips. This presentation will discuss ways of identifying the food available for fish by looking at it's environment; take some of the mystery out of "matching the hatch"; introduce some of the most common fish foods; and teach how to select flies that will bring fish to your net. The focus will be on fresh water trout. A degree in Entomology isn't necessary to be a successful fly fisher!


Soon Lee

Soon Lee, a retired dermatologist, now serves on the IFFF Board of Directors. Soon has been teaching fly casting since the 1980's.

Title of Program and Description: Understanding your fly cast !! in a nutshell, I & II. Terms such as "tight loop," "open loop," "wide loop," and "narrow loop" are used liberally world-wide.

Yet one instructor's definitions may differ from another's. Prevailing understanding of "casting

stroke" and "stop" adds to the confusion. Better definitions will make for better teaching.


Tom Logan

Tom H. Logan is a retired certified wildlife biologist from Tallahassee, Florida who specialized for more than 45 professional years in the research, recovery and management of threatened and endangered wildlife species.  He enjoys tying classic trout patterns but has a special interest in tying historic and modern soft-hackles and other wet patterns and fishing them for southern bream and bass in his home waters, as well as for trout in the Smoky Mountains, Sierras and other streams of the western US.  Tom teaches fly tying classes in Tallahassee, has taught tying workshops and presented programs at shows and conclaves of the IFFF and demonstrates fly tying at several Council events each year.

Title of Program and Description: Laws Pertaining to the Possession and Transportation of Natural Fly Tying Materials. Local, state, national and international laws will be discussed as they pertain to the possession of natural feathers, furs and other wildlife parts and considerations for international transportation of protected wildlife parts.


Patty Lueken

Patty Lueken, who has fished all her life, began fly fishing about ten years ago.  Since that time, she fishes every chance she gets.  She has taught fishing and tying skills to adults and youth.  Patty was awarded the Arkansas Fly Fishers Fly Tyer of the  Year in 2009.

Title of Program and Description: Fly Fishing for Bronze Backs in the Boundary Waters. Have you yearned to catch big small mouth bass?   Learn how to plan and fish the Boundary Waters

in  Minnesota.  Information will be provided on  fishing equipment, flies, permits and clothing needed  as well as how to catch the bronze backs.


Dayle Mazzarella

Dayle has been coaching and teaching for 45 years. He has psent much of the last twenty years teaching teachers how to teach. Dayle is a Federation of Fly Fishers Master Certified Casting Instructor

Title of Program and Description: Building a Lesson Plan for Fly Casting Instruction. We will discuss the general structure of a lesson plan and some of the tactics used in implementing the plan. All partiicpants will receive a sample Roll Cast lesson plan as well as a plan for teaching the Pick Up and Lay Down and a lesson plan general outline.


FE Meek

I have fly fished, (and tied flies), for more than a half century and I have been a licensed Colorado outfitter since  1973.  I have taught these skills in both my own businesses as well as in college courses, the tying curriculum of which is noted in my 1985 instructional DVD, "Basic Fly Tying." I also produced the PBS series, "The Master Angler, Fly Fishing with Ernest Schwiebert," in the late 1980's.

Title of Program and Description: 20, (or more), Tips for Tying Like a Pro. This one-hour PowerPoint program will provide tips and strategies to be faster, more efficient, more consistent and, most importantly, more accurate in tying flies for trout, salmon, bass or salt. There is a handout provided.


John Roseberry

John Roseberry is a Senior Engineer with Copper Environmental Consulting in Anaconda, MT, where he specializes in fluvial geomorphology and hydrology. He holds a Master's degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Vanderbilt University, and has 5 years of experience researching rivers and designing stream and wetland restoration projects.

Title of Program and Description: Simple Conservation Techniques for Better Fisheries. Water resource conservation may seem like a huge, overwhelming task that an individual land owner cannot influence. This program will introduce participants to several low-cost, effective conservation techniques and resources that can enhance fish habitat and improve water quality without disrupting other land uses. Small changes in water resource management can have big rewards for fisheries!


Scott Sanchez

Scott started fly fishing and fly tying at the age of 12.  He has worked in the fly fishing industry for over twenty years.  This includes being fishing manager at Jack Dennis Sports, wholesale manager at Dan Bailey's, tying flies commercially, fly consulting work for Dan Bailey's, working at the Austin Angler and being the Texas rep for Scott Rods.  Scott is a member of the Scott Rods Pro Staff and Whiting Hackle Pro Staff.  He writes the fly tying column for American Angler.  He has written the first beginner saltwater fly tying book, Introduction to Salt water Fly Tying and A New Generation of Trout Flies.  In 1994, he received Peter Crosby Memorial Sportsmanship Award from the Jackson Hole One Fly.  In 2007, he received the Arnold Gingrich Lifetime Achievement Award from the Federation of Fly Fishers.

Title of Program and Description: A Year of Fishing the Snake River and Jackson Hole Area. Jackson Hole is known for its scenic beauty and wildlife.  This in combination with the chance to catch native Snake River Cutthroats makes this area a wonderful fishing experience.  In this program we will take a tour of the areas fisheries, productive times and techniques which will enhance your outings.  Scenic, fishing, fly and entomology photos will bring Jackson Hole into the room for an evening.  Scott will share some of his experiences and stories.  This is a great location for non-fishing companions to share with the angler.

Practical Fly Selection and Entomology. Entomology and fly selection are intimidating and confusing to many anglers. Unfortunately many instructors like to keep it that way.  In contrast, I like to simplify it, by giving you the insect information that you need, and then applying it to “What flies in my box will work for that insect.  My large selection of macro photos and artwork make it easy to visualize imitation, and will make you a more proficient and confident angler.


James Thull

I am the special collections librarian at MSU in Bozeman, MT and as such oversee one of the worlds largest collections of materials on trout and salmon, help coordinate our annual trout and salmonid lecture and have fished 4 continents to date!

Title of Program and Description: Something is Definitely Fishy at Montana State University in Bozeman. I will present information on our collections (which are open to the public), lecture series, and new endeavors like our Cultural Atlas of Angling in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  I will answer Questions, provide information and invite people to MSU for tours.


David Paul Williams

David Paul Williams is the author "Fly Fishing For Western Smallmouth" and is a freelance outdoor magazine writer. He's been labeled "the acknowledged master of smallies on the fly."He's been catching bronzebacks for over 40 years and loves to share his knowledge with others.

Title of Program and Description: Fly Fishing For Western Smallmouth. Smallmouth bass abound in the West and the hard-fighting fish are a kick to catch. Come learn about the fish, what it eats, where it lives and leave knowing how to catch them.


Bob Wiltshire

Bob is the founder and Executive Director of the Invasive Species Action Network, a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to reducing the human caused spread of invasive species. Bob is a noted expert who works on local, regional and national issues. He currently serves as Chairman of the US National Invasive Species Advisory Committee..

Title of Program and Description: Fly Fishing and Forest Pest Insects. Forest pest insects are spreading across North America and threaten many of the forests which support our valued fishing waters. The IFFF has partnered with the Invasive Species Action Network to use fly tying to teach people to recognize pest insects. This program will discuss some of the pests we are most concerned about and will provide information for all anglers about how to personally get involved in protecting our forests.

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