Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Programs are presentations or seminars given on the hour in a theater type setting. They include many topics revolving around the fly fishing lifestyle, from remote fly fishing destinations to the right fly for the area. With your entry into the show you can attend as many of these as you wish.

The programs will take place at the Riverhouse Convention Center August 13th - 15th

Chester Allen

A lifelong fly angler and journalist, Chester has fly fished the northwest and rocky mountains for decades. He is the author of "Fly Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat". Fly fishing all over the northwest, but casting a fly for cutts on Puget Sound is his greatest passion.

Fly Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout: Sea-Run Cutthroat trout are special fish. They live in the saltwater of the Puget Sound and Pacific Ocean most of the year. We'll explore how to find and catch these fish in fresh and salt water.


John R. Anderson

I am a retired Professor of Entomology (Univ. of California, Berkeley), a 20-year member of the Central Oregon Flyfishers, and frequent volunteer with the Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.  My knowledge about aquatic macroinvertebrates found in the Crooked River was obtained: 1) by frequently fishing the river and 2) while conducting a scientific study that included monthly bottom and drift net samples, as well as examinations of fish stomach contents.

Seasonal Drift of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates and Associated Feeding Behavior of Trout and Whitefish: This program will discuss the results of a scientific drift net study that determined the seasonal densities of the kinds and numbers of insects, sow bugs and scuds found in Oregon's Crooked River tailwater.  Complete stomach contents from fish caught by fly fishers during days of drift samples revealed how seasonal changes in available foods modified the feeding strategies that enabled redband trout and mountain white fish to exploit the seasonally different food supply. This information proved especially valuable to nymph fishers for matching the drift. before, during, after and between hatches of various aquatic insects.


Ed Berg

Fly fishing for over 40 years over North and Central America and Europe

Fly Fishing in Slovenia: Big fish, beautiful rivers and friendly people in an area most people are not familiar with. You WILL want to go!


Nathan F. Brumley

Nate Brumley is the owner dryflyinnovations.com, an online dry fly fishing company out of Idaho. The only bugs sold at his company are dry flies and he has mastered the use of them in every season of the year. Nate's tying sessions and presentations are some of the most sought after events in the industry at present, and his knowledge of dry fly fishing is truly phenomenal. It has been said that one hour with Nate is like gaining 10 years' experience on how to fish a dry fly. Should you have the opportunity, attend one of Nate's tying sessions or presentations - it will change the way you dry fly fish forever!

Dry Fly Approaches: Addresses the critical importance of how to approach the water where you fish. Learn dry fly fishing in stealth mode and when you reach your position, how to deliver the perfect dry fly that catches that big fish. It's an essential lesson in principles that we, as fishermen and women, take for granted, and it is oftentimes the reason we don't hook adult fish. This might be the most important 45-minute fly fishing presentation you have attended! Presentation uses both still and video shots.

Dry Fly Simplified: If you could look at dry fly, any dry fly, and immediately know where that fly could be fished for maximum results your success as a dry fly fisher would expand well beyond your expectations. Join Nate as he reduces the complicated world of a dry fly down to clearly understandable concepts. The knowledge and insight shared in this presentation is crucial in proper fly selection - and choosing the right bug is paramount! Chart handouts, still and video clips included.

Dry Fly Essentials: Explores the intricacies of reading fishing water for large trout, specific delivery techniques, and essential dry flies for all fishing seasons of the year. The knowledge offered in this session could be the most valuable insight to catching large fish you have ever acquired. The video concepts are awesome, the techniques are  cutting edge, and you will be a better dry fly fisher by the end of this presentation!

Dry Fly Advanced: Introduces you to some awesome new dry fly patterns, techniques on how to deliver the dry flies, and strategies on how to fool big fish. It's a show packed with remarkable fishing footage, unique insight, and concepts that you can immediately utilize at the surface of the water. Both still and video clips are used to show the viewers the concepts discussed.

Winter Dry Fly Fishing: Introduces you to the fantastic world of small bugs, large fish, and the tranquility of winter fishing. This presentation will prepare you with the right flies, proper deliveries, and the essential techniques to make winter fishing an exceptional experience and a favorite time to dry fly fish. Video and still clips used to demonstrate the techniques of winter dry fly fishing.


Jim Cox

Jim joined Western Rivers Conservancy as Director of Donor Relations in 2011. He has more than 25 years experience working professionally in the nonprofit sector. Jim is a past steering committee co-chair of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, and is an active member of the Northwest Planned Giving Roundtable and is also a member of Trout Unlimited, Flyfishers Club of Oregon, the Native Fish Society, and The Freshwater Trust among many other conservation groups.

Sometimes to Save A River You Have to Buy It!: The presentation will focus on how Western Rivers Conservancy has been conserving and protecting riverlands, along with providing public access, on more than 70 rivers and streams across the West since 1988. Included will be stunning photography of past and current projects including acquisitions on some of the West's most iconic fly fishing rivers in California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.


James Fenner

Over 50 years' experience in fly casting, fly tying, and rod making.  Life Member of IFFF, TU, IGFA, and the British Anglers' Cooperative Association.  Mainly fish for native salmonids in local waters.  Lived and fished in Europe for many years, learning some European casting, fly tying, and fishing methods and techniques in the process.

Making Furled Leaders from Start to Finish: Furled (twisted and counter-twisted) leaders are more supple than monofilament or fluorocarbon leaders.  You will learn how to make furled leaders using fly-tying thread, and how to make the wooden "jig" or "fixture" used in the process.  We will go step-by-step through the entire process: Wrapping the thread around the pegs on the "jig," twisting the threads, doubling the twisted threads, counter-twisting, "relaxing" the new leader, and stretching the finished leader.


Sean M Gallagher

Sean M Gallagher is a retired school teacher living near Mt. Rainier in Enumclaw, Washington. As a life long resident of the Pacific Northwest Sean grew up in steelhead country. He has pursued steelhead for over 50 years, exploring more than 100 rivers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and the Russian Far East.

The making of WILD STEELHEAD The Lure and Lore of a Pacific Northwest Icon, and the celebration of several of the sports most iconic figures (around the campfire): The program goes behind the scenes of the largest steelhead book ever published, including a celebration of some of the sports most iconic figures including Harry Lemire, George McLeod, Bill McMillan, John Farrar and others. The slide show includes both photos from the book and other contemporary shots from photographers Adam Tavender and Greg McDonald.


Herb Grenke

Retired as winningest coach in Northern Michigan University history. Fly Fishing class was one of the most popular on campus. I have taught classes for students, students with special needs, veterans, and teachers.

Spirituality and Fly Fishing: I define spirituality as anything that gives meaning to your life. Warriors who participated in "Healing Waters" share how meaningful fly fishing was. Starting with a short review of the literature. We will discuss spiritual fishing experiences. "Fly Fishing Creates a Tranquil Heart" Phil Caputo Pulitzer Prize Winning Author.


Yashuhiro Hamano

Graduated from Department of Cinema at the College of Artsof nihon University. Hamano is general producer and business consultant of FROM-1st, Tokyu Hands, AXIS, QFRONT, Q-AX, AO Aoyama and many other creations.

Fish God / SAKANAKAMI movie screening: The story is the old fisherman traveled and did fly-fishing around HOKKAIDO, the north of Japan. There is full of beautiful nature.Theme of this movie is, One, Save the TIDAL FLATS. Second, The preservation of “ITO”. (ITO also known as Taimen is the fish which is designated as an endangered species. It is called "fish of ghost".)


Misako Ishimura

Misako Ishimura is from Osaka Japan. She wrote and illustrated the first English written book about tenkara; Japanese traditional fly fishing. She promotes fly fishing and finds joy to come across various kinds of trout internationally as a captian of Fly Fishing Team Japan.

Tenkara from Japan: Introducing the Japanese professional tenkara way of fishing, she explains how unique tenkara fishing is from traditional fly fishing.


John Johnson

John is a retired Chemical engineer who has more  than 50 years of cold  water and warm water fly-fishing experience.  He has extensive fly-fishing, fly tying, and aquatic biology teaching experience at TU, FFF, university, high school, and grade school levels. He is a licensed smallmouth bass guide in Michigan.

Flies for Big Smallmouth: This program is about the flies and fishing methods used for catching large urban river smallmouth. It will cover dry/wet flies, fly types(surface, shallow wet flies, deep wet flies), size and color effects. It will review the best times to use the flies and effects of water clarity.  It will use movie clips to show the casts, retrieves and landing method for fishing the flies.

Digital Photography for the Fly Fisherman: This program will review basic digital techniques and cameras. It will discuss how to take pictures of your fish and the rivers and lakes where you caught them.  It will introduce you to methods for taking pictures of adult and aquatic forms of aquatic insects, fish, and crustaceans. It will cover the use of Go Pro video cameras to take movies and still pictures of your fishing experiences.


Naif Samuel Khoury

Retired attorney, fly fisher, teaching beginners and experts the fundamentals and more advanced aspects of "Practical American Tenkara" fly fishing.

Practical American Tenkara Fly Fishing: Part 1: "Why" tenkara and how it can introduce you to an intimate and fundamental form of fly fishing that is productive and fast paced. Part 2: Intuitive as well as sophisticated techniques of rigging and fishing your tenkara rod in moving and still waters.


David Lambroughton

I’ve been an outdoor writer/photographer for the past 35 years and have more than 2 million miles of World Angling Travel under my belt. I also have been producing my own calendar, Fly Fishing Dreams, for the past 25 years and it will be sold again in the IFFF Web Store and at the Conclave.

Love of Fly Fishing and Photography: A generous sharing of info on the places, people, patterns and passion of our sport. It covers my annual route to the Chalk streams of the U.K., Montana, Idaho, all over B.C. for Trout and Steelhead, the Umpqua in Oregon, and then all over New Zealand and the entire season down there where I’ve been spending winters for the past 35 years. All and all, about 450 images in 45 minutes, beginning with a 5 minute monologue.


Soon Lee

Soon S. Lee is and MCI and THCI who is also author of "Loop Dynamics". Soon served a term as governor on the casting board of governors; currently serves as director on the IFFF Board of Directors.

Understanding Your Fly Cast I & II: I: Understanding the different types of fly loops and how they are produced. II: Fly Loops in practice and how to teach them.


Tom Logan

Tom is a retired certified wildlife biologist who specialized in research and recovery of endangered species.  He is a life member of IFFF, Senior Advisor on Conservation, Chairman of the FTG BOG, Certified Casting Instructor, received the 2013 "Silver King Award",  and teaches both casting and fly tying.  He enjoys tying classic wet and dry patterns and fishing them for bream and bass in his home waters and for trout in the western mountains.

History of Fly Tying in the Development and Evolution of the International Federation of Fly Fishers: Many of the early figures in the birth and organization of the IFFF were both accomplished fly fishers and tiers of the artificial fly.  Therefore, many of the first meetings of the organization revolved around fly tying events and fly tying remains a key activity demonstrated at virtually all modern events of the IFFF.  The program will track many of those early activities and personalities who used their fly tying skills as a forum for bringing fly fishers together through purpose and determination that makes the IFFF what it is today.


Darrel Martin

Darrel is a Contributing Editor to Fly Rod & Reel magazine and author of several books, including the Fly Fisher's Craft and The Fly Fisher's Companion (2014). He is the recipient of the IFFF's Roderick-Haig Brown Award and the WSCFFF's Fly Tying Hall of Fame.

The Amazon: Fly Fishing Deep Jungle: This power point program takes you into deep jungle as it recalls six trips of fly fishing the second largest river on earth. Here are strange, lovely and powerful fish, speckled cayman, peacock bass, passion flowers, Great Potoos, Jabirus, powerful Pirarucus and vampire fish. Here is a bright journey into a different heart of darkness.


Greg McMillan

Greg directs the Deschutes River Alliance's work on monitoring and fixing water quality issues in the lower Deschutes. Greg's educational background in geology and molecularbiology, paired with his business development and clinical science experience in the private sector gives Greg solid experience in leading a group of experts in examining the health of the Deschutes River.

Deschutes River Alliance - Investigation into lower Deschutes River Water Quality: This program will elucidate the current state of water quality challenges facing the lower Deschutes River and the Deschutes River Alliance's efforts to investigate and resolve these issues. Since 2009, guides, outfitters, and avid anglers have observed changes to the ecological integrity of the Deschutes River. The Deschutes River Alliance has since been researching these changes to scientifically determine their source. In parallel to their field research, the Deschutes River Alliance advocates for solutions to these water quality challenges.


Brian O'Keefe

I have lived in the Bend, OR area for 40 years. I spend as much time as possible on the rivers, streams and lakes in Central Oregon. Photography plays an important role in my life.

Fly Fishing in Central Oregon: There are great fly fishing opportunities in Central Oregon, year 'round. Bend, Oregon is the hub and an angler can travel north, east, south, and west and be on the water in minutes. We have spring rivers like the Metolius, big canyon rivers like the Deschutes, desert streams like the Crooked, and lakes with rainbows, browns, brookies, bull trout and bass.


Doug Ouellette

Doug Ouellette owner of Calvada Fly Fishing in Reno Nv. has over 45 years of fly fishing experience.   Doug has been presenting fly fishing seminars and shows since 1985.

Pyramid Lake – Land of the Giants™: “Pyramid Lake- Land of the Giants™” is a comprehensive in depth look at Pyramid Lake Nevada, home of the World’s Largest Cutthroat Trout. The presentation will include the history of the lake and fishery, angling techniques, flies, and much more!


Norm Ploss, Jim Yuskavitch, Steelhead Committee

Steelhead Committee, The Osprey & the Fight for Wild Fish: Jim Yuskavitch, Osprey Editor; Dwayne Meadows, Pacific Northwest Outreach Coordinator,Trout Unlimited; Ryan Smith, Owner Avid Angler, Steelhead Committee member; Power Point prepared by Pete Soverel, Steelhead Committee member, highlighting some current issues [he will not be present]. Questions welcome.


Denny Rickards

Fly fishing guide, instructor for stillwater, author, and speaker for over 40 years. Have a fly fishing business online.

Stillwater Presentation: Will cover all aspects of how to fly fish stillwater, including tackle, lines, flies, and presentation techniques.


Jim & Donna Teeny

Creator of the Teeny Nymph Fly Pattern and the original integrated fly lines. Started in the fly fishing industry July 1, 1971. Fly rod, fly reel, fly line, and fly designer. Book author and creator of fly fishing videos, and an outdoor writer.

Fly Fishing Stillwaters: This program will cover flylines, leaders, flies, presentation and reading and understanding lakes.

Fly Fishing Great Waters: We will go over traveling - salmon, steelhead and trout.


Reed Teuscher

Reed is a native oregonian who has fished since he could walk. He has been involved in the fly fishing industry in nearly all of the 15 years he's called Central Oregon home. He has managed Fin & Fire, Central Oregon's premier fly shop for the last 5 years.

Fishing Central Oregon's Crooked River: While the Crooked River may be thought of as our area's most user friendly river, this in no way means it's easy. Reed will cover the many faces the Crooked River has throughout the seasons and how thinking outside the box will greatly increase your success. Reed will show you why this gem should be a destination and not just another river to fish in Oregon.


Peter Vandergrift

Peter has been a part of the fly fishing community most of his life, starting as a professional licensed guide for more than 10 years. With years of experience on the Nashagak River and rivers of Missoula,MT. Peter started his own outfitting company and worked for Simms fishing products before becoming the Fly Fishing Community Manager for Costa Sunglasses in 2013.

A Wasted Youth No More: How Costa is Working to Attract More Young People to Fishing: Today's generation of children are overscheduled, over stimulated with electronics and underwhelmed with their surroundings. Costa actively works to bring youth into fishing, understanding kids today are the future of fisheries management. Peter Vandergrift, Fly Fishing Community Manager from Costa will share how the youth movement affects the entire fishing industry and present ideas on how everyone can work together to bring youth into the sport.  A Q&A session will follow.


Joe Warren

Joe Warren lives in the Columbia River Gorge in the heart of the Cascade Range where he has spent much of his fly fishing on the big river for more than 20 years.  He has effectively caught both resident and sea-run species on the fly from the Columbia River for many years.

Columbia River Trophy Smallmouth Bass: Smallmouth bass are fast becoming a popular sport fish on the fly.  Joe Warren is presenting smallmouth fly fishing techniques to target trophy smallmouth in the Columbia river!  He will discuss seasons, depth, presentation, flies and gear.  Joe has published articles on fly fishing for smallmouth in the Columbia River and has a DVD out called, Smallmouth Fly Tactics.


David Paul Williams

Author of "Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth," Williams has been described as the "acknowledged Northwest master of smallies on the fly." His writing has appeared in Fly Fisherman, American Angler, Northwest Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing, Fly Rod & Reel and other magazines. His entertaining media presentations are in demand throughout the West and he demonstrates his highly effective fly patterns at fly fishing expos.

Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth: Smallmouth bass abound in the West and catching these hard-fighting fish is more fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys. Come learn about the fish, what it eats, where it lives, what it eats and leave knowing how to catch them.


Rick Williams

Rick Williams lives in Eagle, ldaho and is a Senior Conservaiton Advisor and member of the Board of Directors for IFFF.  He is also an MCl, THCI, and Chair of the Casting Board of Governors. Rick is a Guide and Outfitter and owner of ldaho Angler, a specialty fly fishing shop in Boise Idaho.

The Origin, Decline, and Resurgence of Conservation as a Guiding Principle in the Federation of Fly Fishers: The International Federation of Fly Fishers was founded in 1965 with a dual mission of educating fly fishers and promoting conservation through advocacy. The strong conservation roots of the organization weakened during the 1980s; however, efforts since the mid-1990s have focused on rebuilding and refining its conservation programs.  Since 2000, IFFF’s conservation efforts and advocacy stances have become increasingly science-based and more sharply focused on conservation of native fishes and their aquatic habitats.  Further strengthening IFFF’s commitment to conservation could serve as the fulcrum for increasing membership and defining IFFF’s conservation legacy.


Marc Williamson

I have been fly fishing for over 50 years. The majority of my fishing is done in Central Oregon. I teach fly fishing schools, and teach/guide for Watertime Outfitters. I am the Director of the Christian Fly Fishing Roundup (cffr.info). I do presentations throughout the NW to clubs and sportsman shows.

Reading Water: In this presentation I will discuss how to read moving water, I highlight the needs of trout. I define the types of lies that are present in a river (any moving water type). I will define and illustrate why trout choose the locations and lies that they do.

Fishing Fall River (Central Oregon): In this presentation I share information specifically regarding Fall River. I discuss some general information that relate to fishing spring creeks and how to be successful in very difficult waters.

The Art and Science of Still Water: In this presentation I discuss the components of still water, such as levels/depths of water, definitions and identifiers of the different zones. Look at different issues with regard to the fish such as sound and smell. We will identify techniques, equipment and the skills needed to be a successful still water fisher person.

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