Thursday, February 11, 2016

IFFF Clubs Receive Rods for Members

Thanks for the generous partnership with Temple Fork Outfitters, clubs and councils can receive rods for new members they attract to the International Federation of Fly Fishers.  Clubs and councils can start receiving rods for 12 member or 18 member credits.  See below for the choices.


IFFF application for new member must be marked with the name of the IFFF club or council on the referred line of the application to receive the credits.  PLEASE DO NOT USE PRESIDENT'S NAME or ABBREVIATION OF CLUB’S NAME.  The IFFF HQs will keep track of the credits, but we must have good information to associate the new member with the appropriate club.

Once the club reaches a total of 12 new membership credits a club officer can request a rod by contacting or continue to accrue credits until a total of 18 has been achieved.  

Special Rules

  1. Youth Memberships will qualify as 1/2 credit each.
  2. Free Disabled Vet Memberships do not qualify.
  3. Renewing or current IFFF memberships do not qualify
  4. Membership applications received with incorrect, promotional rates or old dues amounts do not qualify.
  5. Credit will be given to the club or the council, not both.  IFFF HQ will give credit to the club or council that the member designated on the application.
  6. To be considered a new member to the IFFF, the individual cannot have been an IFFF member in the past three (3) years.
  7. The club/council will be notified by IFFF HQ when they have obtained 12 rod credits.  The club/council will have 90 days to redeem their credits. There may be circumstances when the club/council is trying to reach 18 credits and asks for an extension period beyond 90 days. It will be at the discretion of the Operations Manager to grant such an exception. 
  8. Once notified the club/council will have 90 days to place their rod order OR ask for the extension. If the club/council fails to act upon the notification within the 90 days, they will lose the rod credits they have at the time the notification was sent.  So please respond when your council/club is notified
  9. Clubs also have the option to donate their credits to their Council or to the IFFF Fair for fundraising. Councils may donate their credits to the IFFF Fair fundraising efforts.
IFFF Clubs or Councils may use their rod rewards as they see fit, club raffle, prizes, auction items, etc. They may also obtain more than one rod during this promotion period.
Rods being used for this promotion are by

Temple Fork Outfitters

Choices for 12 new member credits

Lefty Kreh Professional Series

TFO 03 76 4 P (3 weight - 7'6" - 4 pc)
TFO 04 80 4 P (4 weight - 8'0" - 4 pc)
TFO 05 86 4 P (5 weight - 8’6” – 4 pc)
TFO 07 90 4 P (7 weight - 9’0" – 4 pc)
 TFO 08 90 4 P (8 weight - 9’0" – 4 pc)
TFO 10 90 4 P (10 weight - 9'0" - 4 pc)

Choices for 18 new member credits

Lefty Kreh TiCR X Series

TFO 05 90 4 TX (5 weight - 9’0" – 4 pc) 
TFO 07 90 4 TX (7 weight - 9’0" – 4 pc) 
TFO 08 90 4 TX (8 weight - 9’0" – 4 pc)
TFO 10 90 4 TX (10 weight - 9'0" - 4 pc) 

Keep those new members coming!

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