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IFFF Clubs & Councils Search

We have developed a directory of Clubs & Councils within the organization. To locate one of our Clubs & Councils please type your criteria, e.g. state or club name. Click the Search button to the left and wait for the system to return the guides that fit your criteria.

If you need assistance please contact the IFFF office by e-mailing or calling 406-222-9369 X0.

The results are displayed by in order of state or club name. This is an effort to connect a searcher with the club. Most searches are conducted by geographic location. If you want to find a club by name please type the the first few letters of the club name in the last name field and leave all other fields blank.

If you feel your search results are not accurate please try searching with one field only, e.g. state.


Check Out the New Map Below!
Click on a circle located on the world map and zoom to the location.  Continue to click on the circles until the pins are displayed.  Please note: There is only one pin per postal code, so watch for the arrows at the bottom of the information which may indicate there are more than one in that postal code.  Click on the right arrow to scroll through the list, click on the left arrow to go back to a previous organization you just viewed. 

Select a country to narrow your results:    
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