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Who Are We?

The IFFF Fly Tying Group was started by the IFFF leadership at the 2007 Conclave (now called International Fly Fishing Fair) in Livingston, Montana. It is a group of, by, and for fly tiers. The goals of the group are to develop fly tying at the local, regional, council, national, and international levels.

Although we have a Board of Governors, we actually "govern" nothing. We are just tiers who have volunteered our time to serve the interests of tiers all over the US and internationally, too. The name was chosen by the IFFF leadership so that our name is similar to the Board of Governors of the Casting Group.

If you are interested in volunteering, visit our projects page where we will be posting information throughout the year. Our board meetings are held once each year at the International Fly Fishing Fair, and it is open to all members. Please check back for the exact date and time, as well as details about our Tiers' and Liars' BBQ event.

Certification of Fly Tiers

This topic is usually the first on everyone's minds. Although we respect everyone's opinion, our position is that we believe certification of tiers would destroy the individuality that makes tying so interesting and enjoyable.  Although casting may be able to be enhanced by certification, in our opinion, tying cannot be improved by certification.  Our position regarding certification is clearly delineated by our position statement.

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