Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dean Childs

Dean Childs 

 I was born in 1937 at Ames Iowa and was educated in the midwest. I graduated from Ames High School in 1956 and attended Iowa State, (then college, now University) Drake University, and Case Western University in Ohio.

In 1957 I went to work for an electronics component company, (Bourns Inc.) as a stock clerk while I was attending college. I continued my career at Bourns for 45 years with one short break in service. I held several management positions in production control, production, plant management, and held the position of Vice President of manufacturing of a division that produced components at plants in Utah, Mexico, and Scotland. I retired from Bourns in 2002 after serving for several years as the general manager of one of their divisions with sales exceeding $30,000,000.

In 1995, while still at Bourns, I started Wasatch Custom Angling Products. Wasatch designs, develops, and produces, a line of very high end fly tying tools. The company was very successful and when I sold it and retired in 2009 we were producing and shipping 10,000 tools a year to a world wide market.

I started fly fishing at age 14, (for carp in the Skunk river at Ames Iowa). I have been tying flies for 56 years and have been active in the FFF since the 1980’s. I am the president of Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishers and a member of three other fly clubs. I’m very active in support of Project Healing Waters and serve as a board member of Washington State FFF. Also I am continuing my involvement with Wasatch as a member of their pro staff and a technical advisor.

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