Saturday, February 13, 2016

Peggy Brenner

Peggy Brenner

I've been tying for a decade and a half now; my specialty is flies that fish well in New England and the Florida Keys. I started with the basics, progressed to Classic Maine Streamers and now Salmon flies.

The good fortune of becoming a member of United Fly Tyers' when I started tying enabled me to receive instruction from some of the finest tiers in the industry.  Several years ago they encouraged me to start teaching ladies, kids and beginners, leading to demonstration tying, a stint as Editor of the Roundtable, and am a past President. Currently I’m on the Board of the FFF Fly Tying Group and Vice President of International Women’s Fly Fishing.

I now tie for a small group of customers, as well as giving instruction, presentation and demonstrations around the country. I am a member of several pro teams which include Whiting Farms, Daiichi hooks and Nymph-Head Beads, that I respresent at 12-15 events per season.

I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge and encouraging new folks to join the fly fishing experience. This fall I’m going back to where I started by teaching a evening class at my local high school in fly tying. You can reach me at PeggyB followed by the "at" sign, then PBandj dot us (note not dot com or net). 
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