Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Russ Forney


Russ Forney
 After 26 years on active duty, we settled in northeastern Wyoming to escape the crowds, noise, and confusion. I have the attention span of a kindergartener and the short term memory of an octogenarian; a well-tuned blend of skills. My formal education centered around parasitological and clinical epidemiology, but my true passions in life are family, flies, and fotography (three Fs, just like organic chemistry).
I really, really like tying flies! Military travel gave me the opportunity to carry my tying kit around the world and I whiled away many a night tying flies under canvas, mosquito netting, and double canopy jungle. I have enjoyed the good fortune to teach tying classes to several hundred students over the years and continue to learn from each and every student at the table.
Of late I have discovered the pleasures of freelance writing and photography, getting the odd piece of work in a magazine now and then. My favorite fly fishing accessory is a Star Motorcycle; chrome pipes and graphite fly rods are fine companions for a Wyoming adventure. Note: I am pictured on the lower left, not the upper left! My email is wyknot followed by the "at" sign followed by rangeweb.net.
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