Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mystery Materials 2011

This year the challenge for fly tiers was to use materials provided at the Tiers and Liers BBQ, and tie two flies of their choice. (At least two of the provided materials must be used. They could use any other materials needed.)

The Materials

Silver Sebright
Argophan Pheasant


The flies were judged at the FFF BBQ. We had three entries. We also had three judges: Darrel Martin, Bob Bates and Ron Weiser from Hampshire, England. Initially each judge chose a different entry as the winner. After much discussion Jim Cramers' entry was declared the winner. His $100.00 gift certificate was taken to him by a club member. Unfortunately, I could not photograph the fly so its unique features could be displayed clearly on the web-size pictures. As with last year's entries: When I worked with the screen size pictures, the attention to detail was amazing. The flies were not enhanced graphically before posting.

Photography and web page by Bob Bates

Jim Cramers' entry was the winner

Gene Kaczmarek

Sherry Steele

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