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Mystery Materials 2012

The challenge this year was to create flies out of non-standard materials: Pieces of a nightie, a fuzzy slipper and broken strands from a violin bow. Federation of Fly Fishers tiers at the Fly Tying Group BBQ, on Tuesday, were given packets of materials, and asked to deliver two flies to David Nelson before the FFF BBQ on Saturday. Thirteen tiers accepted the challenge.

Photography and web page by Bob Bates

The Materials



Nightie, full length to left
(I got different stories as to which guy donated it.)

Fuzzy slipper
(Again different stories about who donated it)

Strands from a broken violin bow, donated by David Nelson

The Rules

Tie two flies using these three materials along with any other materials you choose. The flies can be different or the same. The flies will be judged based on tying skill, creative use of the materials, and how different (if different) or how identical (if identical) the flies are. The flies can be fishable or displayable, no preference. The decision of the judges will be final. The flies must be submitted to David Nelson by the beginning of the FFF BBQ on Saturday and the winner will be announced at the end of the BBQ. The prize is $100 cash, to be awarded on the spot. ---- Good luck and have fun.

The Judging

The three judges were Frank Johnson, Bob Bates and Jim Ferguson. The decision was difficult to make, and Bob kept wanting to swat the spider before it jumped out of the box. After the official announcement of the winner, see below, the collection was shown to everyone at the BBQ and later at the Liars Club in Spokane. Overheard comments as the people pointed to different flies: "I like that one", "I want to take that one home", "That is the one you need on the ........... river/lake" and "Beautiful". I didn't keep track but every fly was pointed to at one time or another. As you can see below the tiers did an amazing job with scrap materials.

The Winner -- Gordon Rose




Dustin Bise


Cheryl Cline
Nightie On Fire
Nightie Winged Catskill
Jerry Criss


Kevin Davis


Eagleson Robert


The Badly Bandaged Wound Fly
Caroline Emmet -- UK


Gene Kaczmerek


Naughty Nightie Nymph
Dick Nicklas


No Name

Chris Reeves -- UK

Karen Royer

Stu Thompson


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